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If you receive a call from someone purporting to be working for PATA and they request for your account password or any kind of account information Contact us immediately. DO NOT SHARE YOUR PASSWORD with anyone, not even a PATA agent.

Please note that PATA will never ask for the security password or any other personal information, especially financial, from any customer and our official contact number is +254 795 556 639.

PATA cannot stress this enough. We will not personally ask for your credit card information and we never will. We do not have any membership services as of yet, and until we do you do not have to provide any financial information to us. If you choose to subscribe to the membership services, your credit card information will remain encrypted and anonymous (even during the domain change) and not even the Pata team will have access to this information.

We combine PATA’s robust technology and a dedicated team in order to provide you with the safest selling and buying experience. However, we only control one part of the buying process. Here is what you can do.

To the Buyers

Real Estate Category

Do not send cash for deposit in promise that the house will reserved for you. Make sure you have seen the house first and are comfortable to make payment.

Never make any rush transactions. Any seller who is prompting you to make rush decisions are not genuine

If the seller tells you that he/she has a partner (a wife or husband) who is on the ground, just know that they are not genuine.


If the seller asks you for cash for fuel in promise of delivering the car, know that the user is not genuine and do not fall for the trap.

If the seller asks you for commitment fee in promise of delivery of the car , know that the user is not genuine.


If the employer asks for registration fee or cash to secure the job, that employer is not genuine. A genuine employer will not ask you for any cash in promise of a job.

If the employer asks you for cash to secure a training venue, that employer is not genuine and do not fall for the trap.

Mobile Phones/Electronics

Always check and verify the gadget you want to buy to make sure it matches the description on site before and after making the payment.

Do not send cash in form of delivery fee/ deposit in promise that the item will be delivered.

Make payment after you are satisfied with the item you want to buy.

Watch out for fake electronics and Mobile. If you don't know how to differentiate, have someone who does accompany you to the seller.

Insist on inspecting the product before buying it.

Meet the seller in a well lit, public place.

Inquire about delivery before you make your purchase.

It is safest to contact the seller through the in-app messaging section on PATA. This way we have your contact information and can contact you should we track fraudulent behavior.

Only make the payment upon receipt of the product.

Safety Tips for Sellers

Always meet the buyer in an area you are comfortable with.

If you are selling household items, it's advisable that you meet the buyer outside the house in the presence of the home security guard.

Cash payment is the most efficient mode of payment- Avoid Cheques/ M-Pesa transactions especially if you are dealing with the buyer for the first time.

It's advisable to have a friend/ relative accompany you as you go to meet the buyer.

Do not allow yourself to make rush transactions. Remember if the deal is too good, think twice!

a.  If you come across suspicious email from abroad purporting to send money to your account, just ignore them. Avoid shipping your item(s) abroad, local transactions are safer and more convenient.

Ensure you upload an accurate image of the item.

Ensure you list an active phone number and email address.

Ensure your phone remains on, in order to receive calls from any potential buyers.

 Beware of spam messages.

Ensure you meet the buyer in a public place.

Ensure you receive your payment before releasing the good or service.

Be careful if

The buyer decides to pay using a cheque this could bounce thus you end up with no money and you already released your item.

The buyer seems to visit a nearest ATM in mall to withdraw cash to pay for the item you are selling.

The buyer changes the meeting venue and asks you to leave your item behindto go and collect the cash.

The buyer insists on paying via mobile money transfer-before releasing the item. Make sure the amount sent can be withdrawn before you hand over the item.

The seller does not want you to test the item you are purchasing especially mobile phones and electronics.

The seller asks for a deposit especially for houses even before you view it. ( If the seller claims the house is on demand and has more than one tenants looking for the same house and insists on making deposit report the matter to us).

Always verify the item before and after paying for it.

How to identify potential fraud

For buyers, pay extra attention when:


The product has a suspiciously low price.

The seller asks for an advance payment/fee.

The seller gives a different location from the one provided in the ad.

The seller cannot meet in a public place but insists on delivering the item.

The seller requests for personal information (bank details, email address, debit/credit card number etc or other information that could be misused).

The ad appears too good to be true - the price is way low compared to the value of the item.

Check out the product and price – is it reasonable or too good to be true?

Are you being asked to pay via unknown payment systems, wire transfer or via upfront payment?

Is the seller trying to prove the authenticity without being asked?

Is the seller unwilling to answer relevant questions, or not answering his/her phone?

Is the seller unwilling to use traceable transport methods?

For sellers, pay extra attention when:

The buyer insists on paying via Cheque, Western union or MoneyGram.

The buyer insists on receiving the item before paying for it.

The buyer requests for personal information (bank details, email address, debit/credit card number etc or other information that could be misused).

The buyer is located in a foreign country.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is PATA all about?

PATA is an online classifieds platform that offers buyers and sellers a unique opportunity to effectively reach their target audience.

Sellers advertise their items on our website, you browse the items you like and then contact the seller directly to arrange an exchange.

Why do i need an account to use PATA?

Whether you're buying or selling, having everyone logging in and creating profiles make it safer for everyone. Now you can see exactly who you're dealing with. Better yet, you can see if you have friends in common who can tell you whether the person you're dealing with can be trusted.

Profiles also allow you to follow and be followed by other people eager to make deals on PATA. That way every time you post an ad, all your followers will be notified straight away that you've got something new to sell.

I cannot access my account

Struggling to access your account? You could try logging in with Facebook.

If you prefer your phone, click on Continue with Phone.

Enter your phone number or email address.

Click on Forgot your password?

Enter the 4-digit pine we would send to the phone number or email address you entered.

Reset your password

If nothing works, please contact us. We will reply to you as soon as we can.

Posting Rules

Some things are just non-negotiable. These rules are some of them:

Photos shouldn’t have any watermarks, unless they are of property posted by an established and certified real estate company.

Make sure that your photo's are suitable and appropriate to the item, product or service being advertised.

No stock images allowed in all categories, except for the Property category and sub-categories

All items and services must be available in Kenya or the location you are in as a seller or service provider.

All items and products considered to be illegal are prohibited. See list of prohibited item.

All ads must be clear, factual and not offensive in any way.

All items must be posted separately, except for sets e.g. shoe and bag set, dining set etc.

Ads must have clear and factual descriptions. In the end, you’re trying to sell something.

Ads that link to third party websites in aren't allowed e.g including website links in adverts.

Duplicated adverts are not allowed.

Ads looking for friendship, relationships or donations aren’t allowed either. This is not a dating, charity or social networking site.

By law, all vehicles needs to have a number plate displayed. If you're not comfortable displaying the full number plate, we require at least the first three letters.

How do I sell my items with PATA?

Advertise the item(s) on our website for free and you will reach out to thousands of potential customers.

Get started with a free account here.

You will then be able to create your listing and start earning cash.

Also, here's a link to our 2 minutes "how to” video to help you navigate through the listing process and help you understand how PATA works.

How do i get in touch with the seller of an item?

You can get in touch with the seller by clicking on the advert and reaching him/her on either of these 2 options:

Phone: click on "show number” icon and call the seller using the number provided.

Email: use the dialogue box under the seller's "User Information” to send an e-mail.

How long do my ads stay on PATA?

Everything you post will remain on our site until you manually delete it. All items that you have sold will still appear on your account so make sure to mark them as sold as opposed to deleting them as this will show other users how many sales you have made, making you a more trustworthy user and increasing your chances of making more sales.

How can I apply for a job you have posted?

You can apply for the job directly via the specified application procedure. Also note that for some jobs you are required to create a (free) account on PATA and be logged in to apply.

I would like to place an advert in your magazine, how do i do it?

Our magazine is currently not in issue but you can use our online platform to advertise your products and services. Get 10 times more exposure by featuring your advert as a Premium Listing or your business as a Premium Business Account. Get in touch with us to find out more.

How do I report a scam/fraud/suspicious posting?

Each advert has a "Report suspicious Ad" tab. Click on that immediately and indicate the reasons in the comment box as to why you are reporting that particular advert. We will receive the report and commence action immediately. You can also either inbox the advert ID on our Facebook page or send an email to or you can simply reach us on 0795556639 and someone will respond to the query immediately.

What information can other users see?

Users can only see the following personal info:

Contact name - This is the name you want to show in your ads it can be your name or business name.

Phone number - It's important so users can contact you.

Your email address won't be shared. Buyers can contact you directly via chat without seeing your email, or by tapping on the call button to phone you directly.


Make your ad stand out with great pictures

The more good pictures on your ad, the faster you’ll sell your item. Here’s how you can make your ad stand out with good pictures:

Clean the item and place it somewhere tidy.

Cameras take better pictures in natural light, so open those curtains. (Pro tip: always make sure you stand between you and the light source when taking a photo.)

You can use up to 8 pictures per ad. Use these pictures to capture all the important details and different angles of your item. If you’ve got any leftover – get creative!

Write an attention-grabbing title

Buyers see the title next. Make sure it describes what you’re selling, and make it catchy – while keeping to the 30 character limit. Some examples:

Dell notebook – barely used.

Toyota Corolla with new tyres.

Use the description to tell buyers more about your product

Someone reading your description already wants a product like yours. Now tell them why they should buy it from you. You don’t have to be an excellent writer, just tell them about the product and your selling terms. If you’re not sure what to say, write down what you would want to know if you were the one buying. Google searches our ads. So it’s best to have more than 150 characters (about 25 words) – keeping in mind the character limit is 500 (about 80 words). It’s tempting to write with Caps Lock. But writing like that is hard to read and it can turn people off your item.


People are always looking for a bargain, especially when it comes to pre-loved items. Sell your product quickly by giving them a deal they can’t say no to. Spend some time searching on PATA for the item you’re selling to see what’s the going price in your area. Electronics, especially, often drop in price as new upgrades enter the market. After all, the sooner you sell it, the better.

Make sure buyers can reach you

Check your chat regularly for new messages. If you’ve added a phone number in the contact form, make sure it’s correct. (PATA won’t give out your contact details.) Remember, no email address or phone numbers are allowed in the description. To make sure buyers in your area will see the ad, post your item in the right city and suburb. Always think about your safety before you list your exact street address.

Post your ad

There you have it. Posting a great ad isn’t rocket science – it’s really easy to put together a great ad for PATA and sell your pre-loved or brand new unused, or slightly used items quickly. Try it now.