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Find everything you need locally

Who are we?

PATA is a swahili name that means “FIND, GET, GAIN or ACQUIRE”. To us, it signifies the provision of the simplest, most trusted way to find great local deals, from jobs, services, second hand and new goods of all kinds, cars and real estate.


One stop service platform online BUY, SELL & FIND.

-   Bringing transparency into the market through clearly set prices among sellers and enable SMEs to be seen, grow and generate their own side income

-   Aid in helping Kenya grow towards online and technological development

-   Help bridge the unemployment gap and provide a platform for job seekers and employers to get connected through a quick, easy to use, and trustworthy platform

How PATA works?

1. Browse deals on tons - Like jobs, house, furniture, electronics, and cars.

2. Contact posts owner - Find the contacts from our website to negotiate price or set up a time to meet directly.

3. Check out profiles - to see ratings, badges, and transaction history.

4. Sell anything - by simply taking a picture with your phone. Posting takes less than 60 seconds!

5. Join millions of people - on the largest mobile marketplace for local buyers and sellers/service providers.

Our story

PATA was first established in 2018 as RinoOne with the aim to be Africa’s most popular One Stop Service Platform Online. It was started when our founders noticed a rapid digital growth in most urban cities of kenya and aim to expand that growth the the whole of Kenya first and Africa as well. Even though we are advancing technologically, most of the services and information acquired is done through a very informal way, that is, word of mouth communication. The founders noticed a need for a more efficient, transparent and quick way to find things, and so PATA was created for you to find everything you need locally ranging from white or blue collar work or services, used and new goods of all sorts, domestic and commercial property and also used and new cars. Using the PATA services you are provided with clear set prices as well as the ability to compare different prices or legitimacies of different goods or services provided, thus bringing a whole new level of transparency to the online market as compared to other websites. You are also able to view and asses a users profile, credentials and rating before you meet them to provide you a service, buy an item, or hire them for work and vice versa.

Our Mission

we aim to empower Individuals to achieve sustainable development by bridging the gap between buyers and sellers, providing online opportunities for income generation and improving access to jobs.


RinoOne changed its name to PATA . All your listings information will move from Rinoone to PATA directly, we won’t change or delete any information provided by our users. Your account information (Username and PW) won’t be changed. you can login with your rinoone account and password directly on All uploaded information, descriptions and images that users post will remain unchanged.

User information will NOT be passed through any third party websites, companies, or consultants outside of the team during the domain change.

All PATA terms of service, AUPs, security and safety tips, community guidelines and other legal documents that you agree to on RinoOne will remain the same during the domain change.

Meanwhile, follow us on social media for updates.

Facebook: PATA africa

Twitter: @PATA africa


Whatsapp/CALL/TEXT- +254 795 556 639